At SoundSide Physical Therapy, we believe in providing our clients with all the tools they need to achieve wellness. We place equal importance on promoting proper alignment, increasing flexibility and strength as well as encouraging mindfulness.

We have partnered with Yoga Haven, conveniently located upstairs of our Locust Valley office, to provide our clients with a supportive and welcoming environment. You can take advantage of intimate sized yoga classes or private instruction. Either option enables you to get adequate attention from our highly experienced Yoga instructors and therefore see faster improvements. Yoga Haven specializes in gentle yoga, joint preservation, restorative yoga, chair yoga, and prenatal classes. The wide range of classes offered is beneficial to all different skill levels of yoga.

Why you should consider Yoga Haven
We offer you the benefit of receiving guidance from teachers with an acute understanding of movement and the entire body. Our instructors focus on emphasizing safety and correct alignment in order to enhance your recovery process. We provide our clients with an environment that encourages success while preventing injuries. Our high quality one on one instruction encourages mindfulness, functionality and intelligence in movement. Using breath work and proper stretching techniques you will develop the skills to practice yoga thoughtfully in order to counteract both physical and emotional stresses of daily life. Yoga Haven invites you to join a community that is free of competition and judgment.