Work Stimulation


Work Stimulation
Work stimulation involves the use of electrical stimulation to treat muscle pain and spasms. This type of therapy is beneficial in the prevention of muscle atrophy. It also helps patients build strength in their muscles without having to undertake rigorous physical activities. Work stimulation helps to keep muscles active even when a patient is unable to move them, for example in the case of spinal cord injuries as well as strokes.

Our team of physical therapists is highly skilled and experienced in the application of work stimulation techniques. They will ensure that the techniques are applied with the greatest attention paid to safety and the health of the patient.

The therapy involves the application of electrodes to the patient’s skin. A small electrical current is passed through the patient’s body causing targeted muscles to contract. This mimics the natural stimulation of muscles in the body. This keeps the muscles active and prevents atrophy. It is also beneficial in improving range of motion in the patient.

The stimulation also helps to improve circulation of blood in the muscles. This makes it a great tool in the treatment of conditions, such as arthritis, sprains, scoliosis and sciatica.

Work stimulation is also used to reduce pain. Stimulation is used to strengthen the muscles and therefore reduce muscle spasms. This is beneficial in the treatment of chronic pain.

Our physical therapists are dedicated to providing our patients with the best quality in care. They will design and help you implement a work stimulation program that will help you reach your goals. You can rely on us for the best care.