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What is Myofascial Release?



October 31, 2018
Samantha Milano
Physical Therapy and Increasing Mobility, Physical Therapy

Are you in pain? Is the range of motion around a joint limited? You may want to consider myofascial release.

Myofascial release is the physical therapy technique designed to eliminate pain and restore movement. It involves the application of sustained pressure to the muscles. This is done to release ‘trigger points’ in the myofascial tissue (the tough membrane that warps around, connects and supports every muscle in the body).

Though it is similar to a typical message, myofascial release is done with the specific aim of easing tightness and tension in trigger points. The pain caused by these trigger points often isn’t easy to localize. Trained and certified physical therapists however, are able to identify the problem areas and apply the right amount of pressure in the right spot to release the tension and tightness.

What to expect

During the therapy session, a physical therapist will locate the areas that feel stiff or have limited motion. The myofascial tissue should be elastic and movable when light manual pressure is applied on it. Areas of stiffness or that are stiff are therefore identified and fixed. These areas aren’t always near the source of pain or even the joint with restricted range of motion.

The physical therapists will then apply focused pressure on the trigger points. They also use stretching techniques to help release the myofascial tissue. This leads to increased range of motion around joints as well as reduced pain.

Myofascial release therapy is ideal for treating various painful conditions including back pain, strains and sprains. It can also help to correct imbalances in posture and daily function. Consult a trained and certified physical therapist to learn more about how the technique can help you.