Summer Body Diet

Summer is around the corner. It will soon be time to get that bikini out and hit the beach. But are you truly ready for summer? Do you feel good about your ‘summer body’?
The first step to getting that summer body and feeling confident in your skin is to get your nutrition on the right track. These summer body diet tips would be a great place to start.

1. Calorie deficit

This is a basic of weight loss. Creating a calorie deficit enables your body to burn the extra fat stored in your body and help you lose weight. Stick to 1500 calories a day. This is the amount of energy required for the basic functioning of your body.

2. Eat every 4 hours

It sounds counterproductive to weight loss but eating more regularly actually helps you lose the weight faster. Eating every 4 hours will help to ensure that you’re not hungry and therefore prevent binge eating. It will also help to fire up your metabolism and assist in burning the fat stored in your body.

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3. Include protein for dinner and for lunch

Eating protein will help you stay fuller for longer. Include protein in your lunch and dinner to keep you feeling full all day and prevent regular snacking or binging. It will help you kick your cravings to the curb.

4. Stay committed to your workouts

Schedule your workouts and stick to them. Give them priority and ensure that those that are close to you know not to disturb you during a workout.

5. Stay hydrated

Drink more water more often. Water helps to encourage metabolic activity.

Summer bodies are made in winter an autumn. Now is a great time to start preparing for summer.