Strengthen Your Spine: Discover The Benefits Of Spinal Core Stabilization Training


Spinal & Core Stabilization Training
Are you suffering with back pain? You can have a pain free life. At SoundSide Physical Therapy, you can access rehabilitation treatments that will give you relief from pain and any aches. You can regain back and core strength and stability without having to undergo risky surgery.

At SoundSide Physical Therapy, our goal is to help clients regain an active lifestyle that is free of injury and pain. Our physical therapists have undergone rigorous training in advanced rehabilitation techniques and treatments. We provide some of the most effective treatments for back pain and core stability.

Our treatments are not limited to posture training. We also work with our clients to assess and correct their daily habits and therefore change their habits for long term success.

Whether you are experiencing minor pains and aches or are recovering from injuries and conditions that require long-term rehabilitation, you can depend on our skilled and experienced therapists to provide you with a program tailored to meet your specific goals. We have also invested in state-of-the-art equipment designed to help patients recuperate faster and better.

What to expect
Our spinal and core stabilization programs involve a combination of:

  • Strength training for back and core stabilization
  • Stretching and flexibility training
  • Manual therapy such as massage and joint mobilization
  • Electric stimulation
  • Resistance training

Our philosophy is to provide clients with one-on-one care that is personalized to suit their specific needs and requirements. We provide patient education aimed at enhancing recovery. Our award-winning therapists will ensure that you understand how to properly perform exercises even on your own for the best results.