Soft Tissue Mobilization


Soft Tissue Mobilization
Soft tissue mobilization is a hands on approach through which physical therapists can break down adhesions in soft tissues. SoundSide Physical Therapy provides you with the opportunity to experience the best care offered by licensed physical therapists. Our therapists are highly skilled and experienced in the application of advanced techniques for breaking down adhesions in ligaments, muscles and fascia.

Soft tissue mobilization is used to provide healing to soft tissues that have undergone lengthy inflammation and have developed collagenous scar tissue.
Benefits of soft tissue mobilization

There are many benefits of soft tissue mobilization including:

  • Reduction of adhesions
  • Improvement of range of motion
  • Reduction of pain
  • Restoration of functionality
  • Increase in the length of tendons and muscle s
  • Reduction of edema and swelling.

Techniques used in soft tissue mobilization 
Only licensed physical therapists perform soft tissue mobilization at SoundSide Physical Therapy. Our therapists are highly skilled at using their hands to knead, push and pull ligaments, tendons, muscles and nerves in particularly precise ways that are designed to provide pain relief and restore functionality.
Some specific techniques used for soft tissue mobilization are as follows:

  • Application of sustained pressure on the tissues that are restricted
  • Direct oscillation which involves the rhythmic pushing on the restricted tissues that are
  • Unlocking spiral which involves pushing on tissues in alternating rotating motions
  • Friction massage
  • Perpendicular strumming which includes rhythmic pushing along the border of the muscles
  • Parallel mobilization which involves pushing along the muscle seams.