Physical Therapy and Increasing Mobility



September 9, 2018
Samantha Milano
Physical Therapy and Increasing Mobility, Physical Therapy

Modern sedentary lifestyles that include a lot of sitting have resulted in early loss of mobility. However, all is not lost. You can regain your mobility through physical therapy. The following are some strategies used in physical therapy to help increase mobility.

Myofascial release
Myofascial release is effective for not only improving mobility and performance, but also for relieving pain. It is a form of therapy that involves the application of deep and slow pressure to elongate and stretch the fascia. This helps to release tight tissues and increase flexibility. The therapist finds tight spots in the muscles and presses on them. This helps the muscles to relax, and relieves pain.

Joint mobilization
Joint mobilization is a form of therapy that helps you to be able to move through the full range of motion of a particular joint. It not only focuses on increasing flexibility, but also on reducing pain.  This form of therapy increases joint function and helps to treat the muscles around the joint.

Athletic stretching
Athletic stretching includes a combination of stretches that are designed to help increase mobility. These stretches help to stretch the muscles and release tight spots. They include foam rolling, exercises and assisted stretching. A physical therapist can help you use proper form for the stretches to ensure better results.

Soft tissue mobilization
This is similar to myofascial mobilization. The physical therapist uses various techniques to help break down adhesions in the soft tissues of your body to help improve muscle function. These techniques help to lengthen muscles, decrease pain, restore function and reduce swelling.


Yoga involves holding stretches for a period of time, and deep breathing. The stretching and relaxation help to lengthen, strengthen and stabilize muscles.