Proprioception and or Balance Rehabilitation


Proprioception/Balance Rehabilitation
Physical therapy is about much more than simply addressing strength and flexibility deficits. Physical injuries can also result in the development of tightness or weakness in the muscles. Joints may also experience a loss of proprioception.

SoundSide Physical Therapy provides treatment designed to address issues of loss of balance and proprioception.

Understanding balance and proprioception
Balance is the body’s ability to maintain an upright position while seating or standing. Proprioception is the body’s awareness of its environment. A combination of both balance and proprioception allows you to walk and move around freely without consciously thinking about every single move you make.

When balance and proprioception therapy is necessary
There are many incidences that may interfere with normal body balance and/or proprioception. You may have had an injury, undergone surgery or have been affected by an illness that resulted in the loss of mobility. SoundSide Physical Therapy will ensure that you are provided with a comprehensive and effective treatment plan no matter your circumstances.

Some of the most common reasons patients seek balance and proprioception training include:

  • Recovering from the neurological effects of conditions such as stroke
  • Recovering from knee, ankle or hip surgery
  • Recovering from a period of immobilization
  • Injuries to various parts of the body.

What balance and/or proprioception training involves
Treatment for balance or proprioception differs for each and every patient depending on their specific needs and goals. Our physical therapists will design a comprehensive training plan based on physical assessment that includes balance functional tests.

Exercises that may be included in a treatment plan include:

  • Rotation exercises
  • Squat exercises
  • Single leg standing exercises