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Professional Personal Training


Professional Personal Training
At SoundSide Physical Therapy, the needs of our clients always come first. We pride ourselves in being able to provide our clients with personalized care to meet their specific needs. Our professional personal training program was implemented in response to the needs of our clients.

We provide professional personal training for clients who wish to improve their fitness levels no matter where they are starting from. Many of our clients are people who have attempted fitness programs and failed as a result of injuries that they have sustained.

As physical therapists, we take a different and refreshing approach to fitness. Our therapists will not only provide you with a fitness program that is suited to your personal goals and needs, but that will also promote wellness and prevent injuries. Our fitness programs take into consideration musculoskeletal challenges, fitness levels, age and personal goals.

Who can benefit from our professional personal training?
You can benefit from our personal training programs if you:

  • Are prone to physical injuries
  • Have a desire to increase your fitness level but have not experienced success in the traditional setting.
  • Desire the benefit of having a professional physical therapist guiding your exercise instruction
  • Desire to work with a professional who has a unique understanding of musculoskeletal and medical needs in addition to physical fitness.

Why you should consider our personal training programs
We offer:

  • Expertise in the management of injuries
  • An alternative approach to that of regular health clubs
  • The guidance of a licensed physical therapist who will guide you to your fitness goals injury free.


At SoundSide Physical Therapy, we believe that providing outstanding one-on-one care while offering the best environment for rehabilitation is essential for your independence.  We strive to progress our patients with rehabilitation in the most timely and efficient manner possible.

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  • Address: 200 Robbins Ln, Suite D2
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