Understanding Open And Closed Chain Activities: A Guide For Optimal Physical Therapy

Open & Closed Chain Activities


Open & Closed Chain Activities
A body that is healthy functions much like a well-oiled machine with moving parts. The kinetic chain (concept)notion recognizes that the movement of each of these parts influences the other. The kinetic chain deals with the relationship existing between the functioning of the lower and upper extremities.

We at SoundSide Physical Therapy apply the kinetic chain theory for the rehabilitation of our patients.

Open chain activities: These are activities carried out while the foot or hand is not in contact with a surface such as the ground.
Closed chain activities: These are activities that involve the hand or foot in a position in which it bears weight.

Many of our rehabilitation programs include the use of closed kinetic chain techniques to strengthen patients. These techniques allow for safe and early intervention by our physical therapists. These activities are especially beneficial since many sporting activities involve some form of closed chain activities where the foot or the hand is in contact with the ground. These activities aid in faster strength recovery.

At SoundSide Physical Therapy, we focus on activities that improve functional strength. We avoid focusing on any single segment of the body. Our programs are designed to help improve strength throughout the entire kinetic chain.

Our physical therapists are highly skilled and experienced in the application of kinetic chain theories. We have invested in state of the art equipment to help improve the outcomes of our training. You can rely on our team to help you achieve greater performance and achieve your goals.