New Year, New Me, New Gym


It’s a new year. You’ve joined a gym and are enthusiastic about reaching your fitness goals for the year. However, chances are that you’ve been through this before and failed. How can you stick to your fitness resolution and ensure that you’re successful?

  1. Change your exercise routine

Avoid boredom by changing up your routine regularly. This is not only great for keeping you interested in fitness but it will also ensure your body is challenged. A change in routine creates what is known as muscle confusion and helps you improve by leaps and bounds.

  1. Find different activites that make you want to go back

Getting bored of lifting weights or slogging at the treadmill day in day out? Try to incorporate activities that are not only different but interesting. Take part in a class for example, which will help you meet people and keep you going back for more. Join a gym challenge that will help you see your progress as you compete with other gym members to reach a goal.

  1. Get workout partners that have the same goal as you in the New Year

It’s easier to stay motivated and on course when there are others on the same journey as you to keep you accountable. Join up with friends, co-workers, or other gym members to keep each other accountable.

Our wellness program is geared towards our clients who are intimidated to go to the big gyms where they see hundreds of mysterious machines and don’t know what to do with them. Our programs help start up our clients change in health to get them up to par with our trained professionals that are with them every step of the way until they are ready for the bigger gyms. 

Enjoy your workouts and know that each is getting you a step closer to your goals.