Neuromuscular Re-Education


Neuromuscular Re-Education
What is neuromuscular re-education?
This term refers to techniques that are applied to retrain or reeducate the neuromuscular system. We at SoundSide apply proven techniques that help to retrain the body and brain to function normally. These techniques are usually applied as part of a rehabilitative treatment plan.

When neuromuscular re-education is necessary
The synergistic working of the muscles, brain and nerves produces movements. The process of producing movements is complex. It involves the transmission of signals from the brain through the nerves to the muscles. This process can be affected by injury or conditions that result in damage to the nerves, brain or muscles. Neuromuscular re-education is necessary to help such patients regain muscle function.

What neuromuscular re-education involves
If you have lost muscle function as a result of trauma or other conditions that interfere with the transmission of signals to the muscles, our physical therapists can help you regain muscle function. Our neuromuscular re-education therapy is aimed at teaching the muscles their role.

Re-education is done by breaking down muscular movement patterns. Patients are therefore presented with the simple components that are easier to deal with and build up on. Patients can relearn the simple movements and finally integrate them into a single effective and coordinated motion.

Our physical therapists focus their treatment plans on helping patients regain motor control and balance. Techniques are designed to improve strength and function of muscles. Emphasis is placed on repetitive movements as well as stimulation that is designed to reinforce the signals to the muscles and therefore restore normal patterns of communication between the muscles and the brain.