Brain's Potential: Discover The Power Of Motor Neuro Development Training


Motor & Neuro Development Training
When children are diagnosed with neuromuscular conditions or other conditions that delay motor or postural control, they are referred for neuro-developmental treatment.
We at SoundSide Physical Therapy are qualified to provide specialized care for children through our neuro-developmental training. Our training provides a hands-on approach to the treatment of neuromuscular conditions and conditions that result in sensory dysfunction in children.

Our physical therapists apply specialized handling techniques that help children to achieve better alignment and increase their postural control. Children that are under our care are able to achieve greater functional movement patterns. They are also able to improve motor skills and begin to explore their environment.

Children referred to SoundSide Physical Therapy typically exhibit decreased muscle tone and poor posture control. Many of them also have delayed motor skills. These children have been shown to respond well to the handling techniques that our physical therapists apply. These techniques encourage proprioceptive and tactile input from the physical therapist to the child. The child’s senses are improved and so is their awareness of their body. Their confidence in turn is boosted.

Our training programs involve fun and stimulating activities that will engage children. Our therapists will help to guide children through movements that lead children to desire to be in an upright position and move through their environment.

Our goal is to improve the lives of the children under our care as well as their families. We are dedicated to ensuring that all our clients receive the best personalized care possible.