McConnell Taping Technique


McConnell Taping Technique
SoundSide Therapy is pleased to offer McConnell Taping Technique to patients with faulty joint movement. The technique is especially recommended for patients with kneecap instability. The technique not only offers stability through taping of joints but also provided pain relief.

How McConnell Taping works 
When you visit SoundSide Therapy for taping, you will be seen by a licensed and skilled physical therapist. Our physical therapists will evaluate your joints for movement patterns. They will then determine the best way to apply tape for balance, stability and to correct any abnormal movement.

The taping process consists of 2 steps. The first step involves the use of a soft and protective tape. This tape is applied directly to the skin. The second step involves the application of a more rigid tape. This rigid tape is placed on top of the soft tape.

The way the tape is applied influences the movement of the joint. The rigid tape can be adjusted for comfort at any time throughout the day. It can also be adjusted to maintain better influence over the joint. The taping often results in a reduction in joint pain.

We believe that the best results in taping can only be achieved when patients are well educated and provided with the right tools to aid in their own recovery. We provide patients with guidance in prevention of injury recurrence. We also provide guidance in the execution of exercises that address core deficits, flexibility and strength. Patients are guided on the maintenance of taping and proper taping technique for long term success.