Transformative Impact Of Laser Therapy Through Authentic Testimonials And Real-Life Success Stories

Erik Coleman, Patient

I had a lot of lingering injuries from playing 9 years in the NFL. Specifically, a toe and shoulder that I had been suffering with. With one session of Thera-Lase laser, my toe was as good as new. My shoulder is dramatically improving each session and I can finally get back to living the fully active life that I was accustomed to.


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James, Knee Surgery Patient

I had double knee surgery and after 3 months of PT was still experiencing a lot of pain. I saw the laser poster and asked about it. James explained how it worked and I decided to give it a try, after one session the pain was diminished by fifty percent. I was amazed and I got off my pain medications. I would highly recommend this procedure. With every session I am see more improvement.



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Faryll, Found Knee Pain Relief

I was having terrible knee pain-it was hard to walk or do any kind of physical activity. After 2 sessions of the Phoenix Thera-Lase. I felt tremendous relief of pain and after the 3rd and 4th session the pain was completely gone! I am back to running and skiing with absolutely no pain! I am so thankful to have had this treatment!


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Frank, Reccomends TheraLase

I have experienced the Phoenix Thera-Lase system during two appointments this past month. I thought the laser did a great job of increasing the mobility in my shoulder immediately. I’m no doctor but it really did loosen up my surroundings muscles and tendons so that my treatment was shorter of a time frame than originally thought to be. I would recommend the laser as a good treatment option.


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Joe, Dedicated to TheraLase

I have been a patient of Adam’s for the past two months. I began using the Thera-Lase system for the past three weeks. I have to say that my recuperation from spinal surgery has dramatically improved ever since using the laser. The treatment is painless and at times, relaxing. My pain level has significantly improved. As part of an overall treatment plan: exercise, PT and the thera-Lase system, I could not be happier. I have been told that it helps with a variety of other pain issues, and I have recommended Adam and his team to my friends and family. I drive almost 45 minutes each direction just to have the therapy. I think that this speaks volumes to the success that I have had.


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Kimberly, ACL Surgery Patient

The phoenix thera-lase treatments have truly been amazing for my knee. After 1 year of being post-op for ACL reconstruction surgery, I was still having difficulty gaining full range of motion back and was experiencing tightness. After each treatment, I was slowly gaining motion back and able to improve my range of motion a few degrees each time. After about 10 sessions, I was able to fully bend my knee and gained full range of motion. The laser treatments have been extremely successful for me, and I highly recommend this treatment.



Lou, Patient

I injured my right- shoulder (sprained AC joint) and was experiencing shoulder stiffness, pain, and immobility. I came to Soundside and started receiving laser treatment. Within a few weeks, my shoulder has gained back its total range of motion, flexibility, and fluidness with no pain. It is unbelievable how much this machine has helped me in such a small amount of time. I cant thank James and his staff enough for helping me through this injury and getting me back to 100%.


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William, Found Relief with TheraLase

Being a recent patient at Soundside Physical Therapy all I can say is that they care, and the results prove it. Why did I go to Soundside? I am a chronic shoulder patient. I have had surgery on both of my rotator cuffs. Both surgeries were followed with more than twelve months of painful physical therapy. Therefore, the cold laser treatments they offered was quite intriguing to me. The staff of Soundside said it would increase blood flow and cell growth to the damaged area. Also being diabetic, I am a slow healer I had to try it.

I fell on July 1, 2018 landing on my right shoulder. The landing was accompanied with two large pops, I had fractured my shoulder in two places. I began therapy two weeks later, going three times a week, preceded by a cold laser treatment.

The results were amazing. Five months later I was finished with therapy. My recovery time was less than half of what I had in the past. I can only assume that the cold laser treatments worked and worked well.
I am very pleased with my experience at SoundSide and will recommend them to my friends. I will also recommend the cold laser treatments.