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Home Exercise Program

Exercise for Knee

Only perform these exercises if they have been recommended to you by a Doctor or a Physical Therapist
Below are exercises for knee surgery rehab


Soundside Physical Therapy

Tighten thigh muscle and press knee downward.

The Heel Slide

Soundside Physical Therapy

Slide heel back towards your buttocks.

Straight Leg Raise

Soundside Physical Therapy

Perform a Quadset then raise leg upwards.

Long Arc Quads | Knee Extension

Soundside Physical Therapy Articles

In a seated position raise your foot upward until your leg is straight.

Hip Flexion | Hip Abduction | Hip Extension

Soundside Physical Therapy

While holding on to a countertop lift knee to 90 degree angle, raise leg out to the side, extend leg backwards.

Heel Raise

Soundside Physical Therapy

While holding on to a counter, lift your heels upward.

Ankle Pumps

Soundside Physical Therapy

In seated position, pump your ankles up and down.

Short Arc Quads

Soundside Physical Therapy

Tighten Your thigh Muscle and Raise Your Foot upward with your knee over a bolster