Guard Your Mobility: Explore Our Joint Protective Program Today


Joint Protective Program
Our joints are intricate and delicate. They are vulnerable to the effects of age, wear and tear as a result of physical forces and diseases such as arthritis. Loss of mobility in joints can interfere with normal carrying out of daily functions. It can also reduce your quality of life.

We at SoundSide Physical Therapy will help you restore, retain and maintain mobility in your joints. Our physical therapists provide patients with care and treatment programs that are designed to improve and maintain joint mobility under our joint protective program. Our joint protection program includes the application of several techniques designed to decrease stress on the affected joints and therefore decrease the risk of injury occurring or recurring.

Our physical therapists will also take the time to help you understand the functioning of affected joints and how to care for them properly. We will educate you on the latest and best techniques for protection of your joints to improve your long term results. 

We work with a wide variety of patients including those who are experiencing joint pain resulting from injuries as well as disease. Many of our patients have experienced injuries or diseases that have resulted in the development of deformities or impaired functionality.

Our physical therapists design treatment plans that patients can easily implement on their own. Many of the techniques and movements do not require specialized equipment and can be incorporated into your everyday activities. This has worked to improve the success rate of our joint protection program amongst our patients.