Isokinetic and Resistance Exercises


Isokinetic and Resistance Exercises
SoundSide Physical Therapy offers a wide variety of treatments including isokinetic and resistance exercise that are aimed at testing and improving muscular endurance. Our treatment programs are designed to help patients recover more effectively following injuries or conditions that affect muscular strength and function.

Our isokinetic and resistance exercises involve the use of specialized equipment that provide patients with variable resistance. Our physical therapists control the amount of resistance patients are exposed to in the movements they are going through. This allows muscles to contract at controlled and constant speeds. This ensures consistency no matter what resistance is applied or what movement the patient is exercising.

Isokinetic exercises are meant to help our physical therapists identify, treat and document physical impairments that can result in limitations to physical functions. The exercises allow patients to achieve a greater degree of muscle contraction than they would with free range movement. 

Benefits of isokinetic and resistance exercises
Isokinetic and resistance exercises as applied by SoundSide Physical Therapy are designed to:

  • Improve muscle strength throughout the range of movements
  • Improve range of motion
  • Fast-track gains in muscle strength
  • Promote the release of endorphins which help patients to feel motivated and more energetic.

Our physical therapists design treatment programs that are customized to suit the specific needs of patients as well as their goals. Exercise and resistance are applied based on the patient’s abilities and goals. Controlled application of resistance helps to challenge patients without putting a strain on the patient’s muscles. This helps to improve gains while preventing injuries.