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Gait & Unweighted Treadmill Training


Gait & Unweighted Treadmill Training
At SoundSide Physical Therapy, we provide high quality care for patients with a wide range of functional impairments. Our gait and unweighted treadmill training makes use of the Biodex unweighted training system, which is one of the leading systems of its kind.

Our gait and unweighted treadmill training is designed to assist patients with postural problems to eliminate concerns with balance. The system provides support through partial suspension of the patient. The reduction of weight on the patient’s limbs allows them to focus on training the lower extremities and forget about issues of balance.

Harnesses in the unweighted system provide support that allows the patient to progress with minimal weigh bearing load on their limbs. Our physical therapists are therefore able to assist the patient’s legs and pelvis manually in order for them to achieve proper gait.

Benefits of unweighted gait treadmill training

  • The system partially suspends patients thus relieving them of a large percentage of their bodily weight.
  • Patients are able to walk comfortably in an environment that they can be sure is free of the risk of falls
  • The suspension of the patient results in a reduction of weight bearing load on the side of the body that is considered weaker
  • Patients can learn to walk with proper posture
  • Patients are better able to achieve control over their movements
  • Patients see faster progression in their rehabilitation and therefore experience a sense of accomplishment.

Our physical therapists are licensed and skilled in the application of unweighted gait training techniques. You can rely on us to help you achieve your goals.