Peak Performance With Functional Endurance Training


Functional & Endurance
Have you experienced a physical injury that has resulted in the loss of your functional abilities? Have you undergone surgery or other forms of treatment that have left you unable to carry out tasks that were previously easy?

SoundSide Physical Therapy offers treatments designed to help patients regain their functional abilities. We will help you return to work and your day to day activities. 

When you come to SoundSide Physical Therapy, you will receive an evaluation as the first step towards your healing. Our physical therapists will assess your current physical strength and endurance in relation to your daily activities as well as responsibilities at work. The results of this evaluation will help to determine the best treatment plan for your goals. Our therapists will also help you understand just how much of your functional abilities you are likely to regain through therapy.

Our patients
May of our patients are referred to us following accidents that have resulted in the complete or partial loss of their functional abilities. Our patients include:

  • People who have been involved in workplace accidents
  • People with injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system
  • Spinal injury patients
  • Brain injury patients

Why our care is the best option for you
Trained and licensed physical therapists: When you come to SoundSide Physical Therapy, you get the benefit of receiving treatment from highly skilled and qualified physical therapists. You can be sure that you’re in good hands. 

Personalized services: patients at SoundSide Physical Therapy are more than just a number. We value each and every patient. Treatment plans are customized to meet their specific needs and requirements.