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Healthy Diet For Stroke Prevention



October 29, 2018
Samantha Milano
Physical Therapy and Diet Stroke Prevention, Physical Therapy

Although not many physicians will tell you, your lifestyle plays a major role in determining the state of your health. Your diet plays a key role in your overall health and your ability to avoid various illnesses such as stroke.

Take the Chinese, for example. Intake of meats and eggs increased in China as a result of increased prosperity. The intake of whole grains and vegetables on the other hand decreased. The numbers taken from the Chinese population show that coronary mortality increased in China by 213% between 2003 and 2013. Stroke mortality also increased within this period by 26.6%.

There are various other studies that support the use of diet for the prevention of stroke and other cardiovascular conditions. The Mediterranean diet that originated from Crete is top on the list of diets to use for this purpose.

How to eat the Mediterranean way

The Mediterranean diet is a diet that focuses on healthy eating. It emphasizes eating fruits, vegetables, whole grains and fish. Those who use this meal plan should limit their intake of unhealthy fats. The foods on this healthy eating plan are those that are the staples of people who leave in the Mediterranean region including Greece, Italy and Croatia.

This is similar to myofascial mobilization. The physical therapist uses various techniques to help break down adhesions in the soft tissues of your body to help improve muscle function. These techniques help to lengthen muscles, decrease pain, restore function and reduce swelling.

To get started on this meal plan, you should:

1. Eat More Fish
2. Substitue Your Cooking Oil With Olive
3. Include More Whole Grains In Your Diet
4. Snack On Nuts
5. Eat Vegetables At Each Meal, Including Snacks
6. Eat Fruit For Dessert Instead Of Ice Cream Or Cake