Your Movement Potential With Our Comprehensive Biomechanical Assessment


Biomechanical Assessment
SoundSide Physical Therapy offers comprehensive biomechanical assessments that are designed to analyze the functional movements of the body during activity. The purpose of these assessments is to evaluate mobility and identify instability in order to optimize movement efficiency.

Our trained physical therapists will evaluate your bodily movement patterns as you complete tasks, such as throwing, running, jumping and walking. These assessments help our therapists identify any alterations in movement patterns.

Do I need a biomechanical assessment? 
Many people have imbalances and instabilities that affect their everyday functions. These instabilities and imbalances often result in injuries that emerge from the body’s attempts to compensate. Common injuries associated with compensations for imbalances and instabilities include knee pain, shin pain, back pain, plantar fasciitis and many more.

Biomechanical assessments help physical therapists to identify imbalances and instabilities early in order to determine the best way to deal with them. This helps to prevent chronic or recurrent injuries.

What to expect in a biomechanical assessment 
Biomechanical assessments at SoundSide Physical Therapy are structured scientific examinations of various parts of the body. These examinations involve measurements of limbs as well as evaluation of movements. Patients are therefore advised to dress comfortably. 

The general process of examination includes:

  1. A general assessment of the patient and recording patient’s medical history. If you have any injuries, please inform your physical therapist at this stage.
  2. A detailed and thorough examination of selected parts of the body based on preliminary diagnosis from the general assessment. This may include physical activities that will allow for assessment of mobility of the joint under examination.

Your physical therapist is then able to develop a comprehensive treatment plan based on the results of your assessment.