Your Path To Recovery With Our Comprehensive Physical Therapy Evaluation


Comprehensive Evaluation

Successful treatment plans are based on accurate diagnoses of conditions. Comprehensive evaluations allow for the physical therapists at SoundSide to thoroughly assess injuries, mobility, flexibility and other structural imbalances. Through a focused full body assessment, we are able to gather precise baseline measurements that are used as reference for improvements throughout our patients’ treatments.

Our comprehensive evaluations include thorough reviews of various systems in the body including:

  1. Tendons and muscles
  2. Spine
  3. Ligaments, cartilage and joint capsules
  4. The circulatory system
  5. The nervous system

Evaluation of Body Mechanics
Body movements of patients are assessed not only to determine current levels of mobility and flexibility but also to prevent recurrence of injuries in the future. Evaluations ensure that loss of motion as well as scarring, fibrosis and instability are identified.

Trained and Licensed Evaluators
SoundSide Physical Therapy takes pride in providing patients with high quality care. We have taken the time to find the best talent in physical therapy. All comprehensive evaluations are carried out by trained and licensed physical therapists who share the vision of SoundSide Physical Therapy. You can be sure you are in good hands when you visit us for consultation.

Our physical therapists are skilled and experienced in physical evaluation as well as taking medical histories. They have a clear and deep understanding of systemic illnesses and physical injuries. They can pick up on subtle signs and symptoms that would easily escape the untrained eye.

The results of comprehensive evaluations are used to develop comprehensive treatment plans that are customized to meet your specific needs and goals.