The Healing Power Of Laser Therapy: Discover How SoundSide Physical Therapy Revolutionizes Pain Management And Rehabilitation

Cutting Edge Technology

Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems, LLC was founded by leading medical-industry and business-development professionals to bring to market a successful laser therapy treatment system that combines the best of current technologies with innovative, industry-leading features.

The Phoenix Thera-Lase System can induce certain photochemical reactions (biostimulation or photo-biostimulation) in the soft tissues of both humans and animals. Some examples include:

  • The Retardation of Fibroblast Formation in Tissue Culture An Increase in Nerve Stimulation and Correction
  • The Triggering of a Prostaglandin-Bradykinin Effect & Regeneration of Skin, Nerve, and Muscle Tissue
  • Improved Blood Flow and Vascularization (Development of Blood Vessels) in Damaged Tissue
  • Production of Natural Opiates and Other Compounds That Reduce Pain and Stimulate Healing
  • Direct Stimulation of Cellular Growth and Healing of Soft Tissue (Collagen)

The top of the line, social insurance laser treatment frameworks promoted and conveyed are non-obtrusive, tranquilize free treatment arrangements that give help from both intense and ceaseless torment, while quickening wound mending, and at the same time lessening aggravation identified with delicate tissue wounds. The world restorative network has grasped and approved non-obtrusive lasers as a noteworthy apparatus in medicinal services, damage treatment, recovery, recuperation backing and in general wellbeing upkeep. Enhanced the viability of this innovation approach. The framework and gear have persistently developed, as laser motors, fiber optics, control sources and conveyance instruments have changed and improved en route.

To place that in context, this innovation is a leap forward helpful laser framework that is many occasions more dominant than different frameworks, conveying up to multiple times the entering wavelength, covering multiple times the compelling treatment region.

Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems Has Exclusive Process Patents On The Most Feasible And Efficacious Wavelength For Laser Energy –
That Being A Wavelength With Sufficient Penetrating And Absorption Qualities To Allow Delivery Deep Into Tissues.

The patented wavelengths, in conjunction with the custom, strategic internal design of these systems, allow energy levels that are ten to two hundred times higher in effective energy delivered to the injured tissue; in comparison with alternative therapeutic laser devices.

Lower powered lasers of non-optimal wavelengths lead to substantially higher rates of absorption of light energy by melanin (skin pigment) and higher absorption rates by hemoglobin (human blood). These devices are by necessity underpowered—impairing their ability to achieve clinically significant results on the scale with The Phoenix Thera-Lase Systems.