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James offered insight to FOX NEWS Sports on Advanced Laser Technology

Some Monday morning quarterbacks have been seeking effective treatment options for QB Patrick Mahomes' injury in Super Bowl LVII. Cold laser treatment has gained attention from physical therapists as a potential method to expedite recovery in sports injuries. James, a skilled therapist, incorporates Thera-Laser into the physical therapy sessions of a sprained elbow patient, aiming to enhance the healing process. If you want to learn more about this approach, you can find additional information at Soundside Physical Therapy's Jericho, NY, location.

James Kalenderian, a renowned expert in advanced laser technology, recently shared his valuable insights with FOX NEWS Sports. At SoundSide Physical Therapy, he skillfully utilizes the Thera-Laser to treat various conditions. In the captivating images below, you can witness Kalenderian's expertise as he applies the laser to assist patients with a sprained knee and a sprained elbow.
During a recent interview with FOX Sports News, James shed light on the incredible return of QB Mahomes for the Kasanas Chiefs in Super Bowl 57. He emphasized the importance of differentiating between various types of lasers, stating, "All cold lasers are not created equal."

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Various types of lasers are utilized in clinics, as explained by Kalenderian. He emphasized that "not all cold lasers are created equal." The duration of the treatment typically lasts for approximately 15 minutes. According to Kalenderian, the therapy's effectiveness relies on the laser's power and wavelength, which determines the depth of penetration into the damaged cell tissues, facilitating quicker healing. During cold laser therapy, the healthcare professional directs the laser device toward the skin in the specific area of the injury. Both the patient and the practitioner wear goggles as a precautionary measure to protect their eyes. The cold laser device emits light photons that penetrate the skin, reaching the damaged tissue or joint. This light triggers chemical changes in the targeted area, stimulating healing and promoting tissue regeneration. Remarkably, patients usually experience minimal or no discomfort during the procedure, as confirmed by physical therapists who spoke to Fox News Digital.

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James provided insights to FOX NEWS Sports on various therapy options for Mahomes' sprained ankle. According to Kalenderian, class-four cold laser therapy can expedite healing and alleviate pain.

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Class-four laser therapy offers powerful and effective healing properties. Patients experience swift recovery, reduced swelling, and improved mobility with the Phoenix Thera-lase System.

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Holmes conquered knee pain with innovative treatments like cold laser therapy and physical therapy. After the first treatment, his pain decreased from 7/10 to 3/10, enhancing his on-field performance.