Your Full Potential With Our Ultimate Athletic Stretching Guide


Athletic Stretching Services

Get stretched like a professional by our certified professionals, offering 1/2 hour full body stretching to prep you for your golf, tennis, paddle matches, or just life!
There are many ways that stretching can help to improve your performance both before and after rehabilitation:

  1. It helps to reduce the chances of injuries. Correct stretching can help to prepare muscles and other soft tissues for the work that awaits them.
  2. It helps to improve or maintain your range of motion. Proper stretching will prevent tightening of muscles. With good range of motion, you can avoid injury and improve your performance as an athlete.
  3. It can help to increase muscle tone. Proper stretching helps to strengthen muscles by applying passive resistance. Your body will gain muscle tone, resilience and strength as a result.
  4. It can help to decompress the spine and other joints. This prevents the occurrence of injuries. It also accelerates recovery from injuries.

Stretching the right way 
Stretching is a vital part of any path to wellness and fitness. Stretching targets fascia and muscles to improve circulation and increase flexibility. It is even more important for athletic individuals who put their bodies to the test constantly. Correct stretching is critical for any athlete who wants to achieve the highest level of performance.

SoundSide Physical Therapy offers you the opportunity to learn how to stretch properly under the guidance of a skilled and experienced professional. We offer private one on one session’s that focus on effective stretching techniques that are specifically designed to help improve your athletic performance. Your session will include assisted stretches that help to increase flexibility, improve range of motion, reduce pain and aches and enhance overall physical health.